A Short History of Nearly Everything. 5 CDs

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5-CD set read by the author. Running time: 6 hours.


Bill Bryson was born in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1951. He settled in England in 1977, and lived for many years with his English wife and four children in North Yorkshire. He and his family then moved to America for a few years but have now returned to the UK. He is the bestselling author of The Lost Continent, Mother Tongue, Neither Here Nor There, Made in America, Notes From a Small Island, A Walk in the Woods, Notes From a Big Country, Down Under and, most recently, A Short History of Nearly Everything. He is also the author of the bestselling African Diary (a charity book for CARE International).


"'A travelogue of science, with a witty, engaging, and well-informed guide who loves his patch and is desperate to share its delights with us'" -- Peter Atkins The Times "'A thoroughly enjoyable, as well as educational, experience. Nobody who reads it will ever look at the world around them in the same way again'" -- William Hartston Daily Express "'Brims with strange and amazing facts...destined to become a modern classic of science writing'" -- Ed Regis New York Times Book Review "'It deserves to sell as many copies as there are protons in the full stop that ends this review (at least 500,000,000,000).'" -- Craig Brown Mail on Sunday "'The very book I have been looking for most of my life...Trunkloads of information, amazing stories and extraordinary personalities'" -- Christopher Matthew Daily Mail
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