The Victorians

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September 2003



50,000 copies sold in hardback. An Arrow superlead title to be published alongside Wilson's biography of Iris Murdoch. Was selected by many critics as Book of the Year. "Rarely have author and subject been found in such deep and contented harmony...Wilson's "tour de force"" Robert McCrum, Books of the Year, "Observer".


A. N. Wilson was born in 1950 and educated at Rugby and New College, Oxford. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, he has held a prominent position in the world of literature and journalism, winning prizes for much of his work. He lives in North London.


"The best single-volume work on the Victorian age yet written" -- Andrew Roberts Evening Standard "Huge, entertaining volume of popular history" Sunday Times 20031001 "A wonderful book" Sunday Telegraph 20031001 "A masterpiece of popular history" -- Frank McLynn Independent "Wilson is incapable of writing a dull sentence... This is the history of a vanished world brought to vibrant life" -- Beryl Bainbridge Observer
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