Energy, Society and Environment

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August 2003



This work examines the potential limits of technological solutions to energy related environmental problems and suggests that social, economic and political solutions may also be necessary to avoid serious environmental damage in the future. Global case studies are used throughout to ground the debates and illustrate the interactions between technological and social aspects.


Part 1: Environmental Problems 1. Technology and Society 2. Energy and Environment 3. Sustainable Technology Part 2: Sustainable Technology 4. Green Technology 5. The Nuclear Alternative 6. Renewable Energy 7. Renewables Worldwide 8. Sustainable Energy Strategy Part 3: Problems of Implementation 9. Getting Started: Institutional Obstacles 10. Keeping Going: Deployment Problems 11. Case-Study: Public Reactions to Wind Farms in the UK 12. Public Acceptance: The Need for Negotiation Part 4: Sustainable Society 13. Sustainable Development 14. The Global Perspective 15. Sustainable Future 16. Conclusions: The Way Ahead?


'Although this is primarily a book on technology, it is written in a most accessible way ... It is a most interesting contribution to the ongoing and upcoming energy debates on society, economics, politics and the environment. Therefore it is a must for all those involved in this debate.' - International Journal of Environment and Pollution
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