Knowledge for Contemporary Nursing Practice

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September 2003



This book introduces readers to the origins of nursing knowledge, encouraging them to examine how its history impacts current nursing practice and how, as nurses, they can develop their own practice and influence that of others. Each chapter begins with a brief overview of its contents and learning outcomes. Supplemental topics and activities for self-study or group discussion facilitate the learning process.


Section 1 The nature of nursing knowledge 1 - Why is philosophy relevant to nursing? 2 - How do we know? 3 - What is nursing theory? 4 - What is the relationship between nursing theory, research and practice? Section 2 The Nature of Nursing Practice 5 - How do we use concepts in practice? 6 - What is professional nursing practice? 7 - How do we make decisions about care? 8 - How do we manage care? 9 - What is reflective practice?
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