The Creative Mind

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September 2003



An essential work for anyone interested in the creativity of the human mind, "The Creative Mind" has been updated to include recent developments in artificial intelligence, and features a new Preface, Introduction, and conclusion by the author.


In a Nutshell 1. The Mystery of Creativity 2. The Story So Far 3. Thinking the Impossible 4. Maps of the Mind 5. Concepts of Communication 6. Creative Connections 7. Unromantic Artists 8. Computer-Scientists 9. Chance, Chaos, Randomness, Unpredictability 10. Elite or Everyman? 11. Of Humans and Hoverflies 12. Epilogue.


Margaret A. Boden is Research Professor of Cognitive Science at Sussex University, where she founded the School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences in 1987 (now the Centre for Research in Cognitive Science).


'Margaret A. Boden has been at the forefront of efforts to exorcise Cartesian superstition and establish that the brain is a wonderfully subtle machine.' - George Johnson, New York Times Book Review
'Boden makes a persuasive case that a computational approach will help explain human creative processes ... written in clear and engaging style.' - Ken Gilhooly, The Psychologist '[Boden] is committed to thoughtfully analysing thought and is one of the world's best commentators on these matters.' - Douglas Hofstadter, Nature
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