IP Telephony Unveiled

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Understand and develop an IP telephony strategy that saves money and provides new services and network efficiencies. Readers will learn the difference between IP Telephony (IPT) and voice over IP (VoIP) and discover what this difference means in business applications.


Introduction. 1. Haven't We Been Here Before? The PBX as a Convergence Platform. The IPT Difference. Convergence: The Business Case for IPT. Issues to Ponder. 2. Wait a Minute! My Phone System Works Just Fine! The PBX Environment. The IPT Environment. An Efficient Infrastructure. Bringing New Capabilities to Your Network. Realizing the Potential of IPT. 3. But What About All of My PBX Features? Assessing the Requirements. An Enhanced Feature Set. An Improved Training Process. 4. If This Isn't a PBX, What Is It? The IPT Architecture. Customized, Focused Applications. The Power of Convergence. Seeing Beyond the PBX. 5. Focusing on the Few. Understanding the Value Proposition. Sample Business Cases. Right Around the Corner! 6. A Different View of ROI. A Different Approach to ROI. Network Costs. Administration Costs. Maintenance Costs. Achieving ROI: Examples of Real-World Deployments. ROI Conclusions. 7. Watch That First Step. Understanding the Impact of Voice Traffic. Timing Is Everything: Identify Problems Before They Occur. Planning an IP Telephony Pilot. Common Misconceptions. Seven Steps to a Successful IP Telephony Experience. 8. Looking Ahead. Clients. Applications. Managing Convergence. Session Initiation Protocol. An Evolving Market/An Emerging Market/Increased Acceptance. Final Thoughts.


Kevin Brown is currently vice president, Convergence Development Group, for Norstan, Inc. Kevin has more than 20 years of experience in the voice and data telecommunications industry and has held positions with technology pioneers such as IBM, ROLM, VMX, and Xerox. Kevin was vice president, sales and marketing for Selsius Systems at the time of the acquisition of Selsius Systems by Cisco Systems. He spent three and a half years in the Enterprise Voice Video Business Unit at Cisco Systems prior to accepting his current position at Norstan. Today, he leads a team of applications developers and channel managers who design, develop, and deploy convergence applications for medium-size and enterprise clients.
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