Compelled to Witness

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Oktober 2006



Is the only existing opportunity to study Cartier-Bresson' s photojournalism, a hitherto unexplored aspect of his important legacy and notoriously downplayed by the master photographer.
Offers a scholarly analysis of his working methods as a photojournalist and of the important role it played in the making of iconic images.
Features a large section of key images as well as remarkable little-known images shown here for the first time in historical context.
Written in a very readable style and features fascinating stories about Cartier-Bresson' s fierce political consciousness and his hunger for life and adventure.


The forgotten reportage; early reportage; the 1940s; news; ethnography; portraiture.
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Untertitel: Henry Cartier Bresson. 150 Fotos. Sprache: Englisch.
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