Oracle Wait Interface

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Troubleshoot, tune, and optimize your Oracle database efficiently and successfully every time. This book explains how to take full advantage of the revolutionary Oracle Wait Interface to quickly pinpoint--and solve--core problems and bottlenecks, and increase productivity exponentially.


Ch 1 - Introduction to Oracle Wait Interface Ch 2 - Oracle Wait Interface Components Ch 3 - Common Wait Events Ch 4 - OWI Monitoring and Collection Methods Ch 5 - Interpreting Common I/O Related Wait Events Ch 6 - Interpreting Locks-Related Wait Events Ch 7 - Interpreting Common Latency-Related Wait Events Ch 8 - Wait Events in a Real Application Clusters Environment Ch 9 - Performance Management in Oracle Database 10gAppendixesA - Oracle Diagnostic EventsB - Enqueue Waits in Oracle Database 10gC - Oracle Dumps and TracesD - Direct SGA AccessE - References


Richmond Shee (Olathe, KS) is a Senior Database Architect for Sprint Corporation, with more than 14 years of RDBMS experience, including 8 years working with Oracle databases. Richmond has also spent 2 years working with the Oracle Core Technology Group. He oversees the Performance Consultation Team, mentors DBAs and helps set the direction for implementing Oracle RDBMS technology throughout the company. Richmond leads the tuning efforts on all of Sprint's most critical databases. Among his many accomplishments, he pioneered the use of the Oracle Wait Interface at Sprint. He also invented a patent-pending wait-based tuning tool. This tool is being deployed throughout Sprint Corporation & Sprint PCS. He frequently speaks at the Kansas City OUG, contributes to the Oracle-L listserver, and volunteers his time by mentoring DBAs in the Kansas City area.
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