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In this clear, critical examination of the ideas of one of the greatest and most influential of modern philosophers, M.J. Inwood makes Hegel's arguments fully accessible. He reconstructs Hegel's thought throughout the book by arguing with him, considering Hegel's system as a whole and examining the wide range of problems that it was designed to solve - metaphysical, epistemological, theological and political.Inwood concentrates especially on the logical and metaphysical ideas which underpin the system and which supply the key to understanding much of what is obscure in Hegel's thought. He examines Hegel's arguments and restates his views precisely and clearly. He also conveys the impressive unity of Hegel's system and its links with the thought of such philosophers as Aristotle, Spinoza and Kant.


'(Inwood) has set new standards in the explication of Hegel's thought-processes. To write the book he has written called for a rare mixture of learning, acumen and perseverance. Hegel scholarship will only have itself to blame if it does not derive great benefit from the result' - Mind 'Admirable' - Philosophical Quarterly
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Untertitel: 'Arguments of the Philosophers'. Revised. Sprache: Englisch.
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