Holy Cow!

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März 2004



Humorous travel memoir following a young Australian woman's varied experiences living in India.


Sarah Macdonald is a journalist and radio broadcaster who lives in Sydney with her husband, ABC journalist Jonathan Harley, and their baby daughter Georgina. HOLY COW! is her first book.


"Funny, touching and addictive" More "British images of India are invariably filtered through the apologetic hangover of the Raj or the ganja whiff of the hippy trail. In this refreshingly cliche-free and highly readable memoir, we are given a blunter, Australian view... frequently wry and thoughtful" Daily Telegraph "Refreshingly ambivilent about the country's so-called charms. Part travelogue, part life-changing odyssey, part love story" The Scotsman "Kathy Lette meets Tom Robbins on a slow train to Varanasi with Bill Bryson supplying the onion bhajis... Very, very funny. Sarah MacDonald captures everything that is frustrating, infuriating and exhilarating about India and presents it in an irresistible package. Will make even the most die-hard atheist want to don a sari and go on a spiritual journey" -- Peter Moore "Sarah Macdonald pays up in the spiritual mega-market... Raunchy religion with redemption on the side" -- Justine Hardy, Author Of Bollywood Boy
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Untertitel: An Indian Adventure. Sprache: Englisch.
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