Genetic Recombination in Cancer

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September 2003



Genetic recombination is a process of combining genes that leads to the generation of cell variants that possess different characteristics. This process is important to the evolution of a species and to embryonic growth and differentiation. However, this process can also lead to the development of abnormal, cancerous cells. This book reviews the role of genetic recombination in the generation of various cancers and how genetic alterations have been or could be employed to elicit clinically useful information. * Provides detailed discussion of the genetic mechanisms that result in the generation of normal and abnormal cells* Examines the role of genetic recombination in cancer including cancer invasion and metastasis* Information is presented in a manner that is useful and accessible to everyone from graduate students to established cancer researchers


Genetic Integrity, DNA Repair and Recombination Replication Error (RER) and Genetic Instability DNA Repeats, Genetic Recombination and the Pathogenesis of Genetic Disorders Chromosomal Recombination in Cancer Chromosomal Translocation and its Phenotypic Outcome DNA Methylation and Genetic Instability Telomeric DNA and Genetic Instability


Dr. G.V. Sherbet is DSc (Doctor of Science) London University; FRCPath (Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists). He was a member of the scientific staff at the Chester Beatty Research Institute and University College Medical School of London, and Deputy Director of the Cancer Research Unit in the Medical School of University of Newcastle upon Tyne. He has held several prestigious fellowships, such as the Beit Memorial and the Williams and Cancer Research Campaign fellowships. Dr Sherbet is Adjunct professor at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Huntington Beach CA. He is on the editorial boards of many international scientific and medical journals.
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