From Empire to Community: A New Approach to International Relations

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When faced with George W. Bush's continuing moves toward an American empire, it is difficult to see a chance for cooperative, community-building approaches toward solving global problems, but that is exactly what Amitai Etzioni argues in this bold new look at international relations. The war on terrorism has helped build the groundwork for a communitarian approach to world politics, and Etzioni shows how it can lead to a new global authority that will be both more legitimate and more effective in dealing with major challenges facing the world than Bush's unilateralist policies. Basic safety, human rights, and global social issues, such as environmental protection are best solved cooperatively, and Etzioni explores ways of creating global authorities robust enough to handle these issues as he outlines the journey from "empire to community."


Basic Contours
Specific Elements of the Synthesis
Containing Capitalism
Moral Dialogues
Implications for American (and Western) Foreign Policy
In Conclusion
Hobbesian vs. Lockean Global Agendas
Mission Appetite
Shaving National Sovereignty: For What?
The Old System Is Overloaded
'Governance Without Government'
New Global Authorities
Supranational Bodies
Tomorrow the World?


Amitai Etzioni


'For anyone concerned about the current implacable trends in international politics and for those preoccupied with how we can bring about the needed fundamental progress, Etzioni's book is a refreshing contribution of daring thoughts, wisdom, and common sense. By contrasting and blending familiar and well-known institutions with new or exotic concepts, ideas and notions, Etzioni offers new and useful insights...vibrantly topical. He underlines the need of the legitimating United Nations also to seek hard power to enforce its resolutions. As an echo of Kant's Perpetual Peace, Etzioni leads us to the 'good society' based on both the Western legal tradition and social duties deriving from moral suasion. Etzioni is a bridge-builder by the grace of God.' - Per Stig Møller, Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs
'Professor Etzioni's new book, From Empire to Community, delivers on its promise of 'A new approach to international relations.' There is a wonderful quality to his thinking, such that the visionary and the pragmatic, the very long range and the issues of the moment are all represented, all related, and often (though not always) reconciled in a new synthesis. It is especially refreshing to find that when Professor Etzioni finds that reality will not mesh with theory, facts are acknowledged rather than swept under the rug. This book is not about dogma: it is about the hopeful possibility that an evolving and expanding sense of common need among peoples and nations can with luck and vision, bring about a knitting together of a form of global governance that would permit humankind to address its most urgent issues more effectively: with less sovereign authority for national states as we have known them, but greater freedom, combined with enhanced responsibility for people as individuals and as communities. Professor Etzioni's easy style of writing - clear, elegant but never pretentious - makes the book a pleasure to read: not just an intellectual obligation.' - Leon Fuerth, former National Security Advisor to Vice President Al Gore
'In recent years, Amitai Etzioni has been the most powerful and persuasive voice for the human values that can only be cultivated in community. In this new and compelling analysis, he extends his work to the international arena. Few books have spoken more eloquently to the heart of our shared humanity, and in an age of global tension, few have been more necessary. Essential reading for all those concerned with our ever more fragile social ecology.' - Rabbi Professor Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth
'A thoughtful and timely examination of some of the fundamental issues that modern society confronts.' - Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter
'In From Empire to Community, Amitai Etzioni applies his communitarian approach to international affairs and foreign policy, attacking liberals to his left and neo-conservatives to his right. He offers a provocative and thoughtful alternative to the triumphalism that has dominated recent discussions about the future of American foreign policy. ' - Joseph S. Nye, author of Soft Power: The Means to Success in World Politics
'Amitai Etzioni has constructed a coherent communitarian vision of international relations. From Empire to Community is a pioneering work of vital importance to the formation of a new way of international thinking, relevant to policy makers on both sides of the Atlantic. Safeguarding global goods such as security, human rights and environmental protection is becoming increasingly vital in this era of globalization. Amitai Etzioni's new book offers us an inspiring example of the out-of-the-box thinking that is needed to confront these challenges. Etzioni brings new diplomatic challenges into focus, and launches a crucial debate about the sort of world we are leaving to future generat
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