Public Health in Europe

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September 2003



With the background of the 10 years' existence of the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) the present book deals with the developments and results of European Public Health in Science and Practice. The contributions involve actual aspects and issues of different topics in Public Health:- Health care management and quality assurance in various settings- Health promotion and prevention for different population groups- Health related information and communication- Health care policy and science. TOC:From the contents: I. 10 Years European Public Health Association (EUPHA).- II: Public Health Research and Practice.- III. Health Care Services.- IV. Information and Promotion.- Subject Index.


Public Health at the turn of the 20th century. Europe coming of age. The future of EUPHA EUPHA 10 years - the annual conference European Journal of Public Health and EUPHA - 10 years on The history of public health and the way forward Public health and public health research in the European Union. The need for a new alliance Public health in the Netherlands Public health in Germany Ageing and health policy The meaning of life expectancy for the individual, for public health and for social security systems The significance of drug utilization for public health Gender bias - gender research in public health From patient-centred medicine to citizen-oriented health policy making Influenza surveillance Changes in health care systems and their impact on mental care The role of acute day hospital treatment for mental health care: results from the European Day Hospital Evaluation (EDEN) study Evidence-based mental health services research: the contribution of recent EU-funded projects Hypertension and diabetes care among primary care doctors in Germany: results from an epidemiological cross-sectional study Cardiac rehabilitation Spatial patterns of cancer mortality in Europe Evidence-based dentistry and dental public health: a German perspective Public use files - the worldwide dissemination of empirical data from the German health research associations - public health via the internet The span in information from researching new tools to accessible presentation - experience from child and adolescent health Hospital patient migration: analysis using a utility index The impact of disasters: long term effects on health Impact of medicine on public health: EURO-MED-STAT Health risks of psychosocial stress at work: evidence and implications for occupationalhealth services


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