Reading Sulpicia: Commentaries 1475 - 1990

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Focusing on the representation of the Augustan poet Sulpicia in commentaries, this book investigates the interpretative strategies involved in the reading of an ancient text. Mathilde Skoie discusses a selection of commentaries from the Renaissance to the present day, combining the history of classical scholarship, philology, feminist literary theory, and reception theory.


Introduction ;
1. The first steps: from antiquity to Cyllenius' 15th century commentary ;
2. Confronting a sibylline leaf: Scaliger's 16th century commentary ;
3. Male chivalry?: Heyne's 18th century commentary ;
4. Subtle poetry or feminine fiddling?: Two 19th century commentaries ;
5. Sulpicia Americana: Smith's 20th century commentary ;
6. The commentator as collector: Trankle's 1990 commentary ; Conclusion: The hermenutics of commenting


Mathilde Skoie is Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Oslo


offers a fresh look at the tradition of scholarship that the poems have inspired ... Reading Sulpicia is a welcome contribution, both for what it reveals about the processes of reading intrinsic to the commentary and for the range of topics that it addresses. AJP ... an impressive display of scholarship ... [Skoie] offers an accessible and incisive case-study in the hermeneutics of reading and reception, and as an erudite analysis of the gendered dynamics of reading one of classical literature's most challenging authors her book offers a valuable new contribution to the field. Journal of Roman Studies
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