Skin and Bone

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The latest forensic thriller from an author already rivalling Reichs and Cornwell in this genre - this time introducing a dynamic new heroine...The corpse of a young woman is found bludgeoned, frozen and burnt to death. Then the post-mortem reveals that she recently gave birth. And evidence suggests the baby may still be alive. Detective Kate Farrer must find the missing newborn if it's going to have any chance of surviving. And catch the dead woman's murderer before her own personal demons overwhelm her...


Kathyrn Fox is a general practitioner with a special interest in forensic medicine. She lives in Sydney where she also works as a freelance medical journalist, having written regularly for publications including Australian Doctor, CLEO magazine and the Sun-Herald. Visit Kathryn Fox's website at www.kathrynfox.com and follow her on Twitter @KathrynFoxBooks


'Will keep you gripped from start to finish...break-neck plots...fascinating medical and police procedural details ... What a compelling new talent!' -- Jeffery Deaver 'Kathryn Fox has created a forensic physician who readers of Patricia Cornwell will adore' -- James Patterson 'Fox is stomach-churningly good' -- Mail on Sunday 'Patricia Cornwell's forensic fantasies may have cooled, but Fox's morgue-talk promises to plug the gap.' -- Independent 'An irresistible page turner' -- Scotsman 'Crichton investigates with enthusiasm mixed with fear. The climax is shocking and chilling. If Fox can do this on her debut novel, the future looks bright' -- Marcel Berlins, The Times 'Meticulously researched and seamlessly plotted, MALICIOUS INTENT marks out Kathryn Fox as a name to watch' -- Crime Time
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