Public Relations: Contemporary Issues and Techniques

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November 2003



Public Relations: contemporary issues and techniques offers a definitive guide to public relations management. It provides comprehensive analysis and explanation of a full range of modern PR techniques, spanning both inhouse and agency practice.The text has involved fundamental restructuring and updating of existing material and the incorporation of the new techniques and strategies, for instance: * The use of multimedia techniques in PR* Overseas media and the globalization of media communications* The latest case examples - notably New Labour's rebranding and media management since 1997, government PR during the 2001 war against Afghanistan, and the 2002 football World CupThe book presents the core strategies for successful PR combining this with indepth advice on implementation and the everyday techniques that every PR person needs to grasp. With a range of new user-friendly textual features, the book's practical, how-to focus, wedded to firm theoretical analysis, makes it the ideal text for those studying for professionally accredited examinations such as the IPR, CAM and LCCI awards. It is also a useful aide-memoire for all practising PR professionals.


Foreword; Preface; About the authors; Acknowledgements; Defining public relations - Introduction; The psychology of public relations communication; Marketing public relations; The public relations industry; Interview with Kevin Moloney; Public relations planning and management - Managing planned public relations programmes; Situation analysis; Defining objectives; Defining publics; Media selection; Budgeting; Implementation and control; Interview with Marie Owens; Managing Media Relations - The role of the press officer; Writing reports and proposals; Writing press releases; Writing feature articles; Event management; Broadcasting public relations and funded television programmes; Photographs, captions and printing; Interview with Sir Bernhard Ingham; Communication media - The press and broadcast sources; Public relations in developing countries; Video, DVD, CD-Rom and the Internet; Seminars, conferences and exhibitions; House journals and public relations literature; Interview with Richard Quest; Specialist public relations areas - Financial public relations; Internal public relations; Crisis management; Sponsorship; Corporate image, identity and advertising; Public relations in political context; Interview with Dianne Thompson; Appendices; References; Index.


Frank Jefkins was the author of the highly successful text, Public Relations Techniques, on which this book is based. He was highly regarded in the field of public relations, illustrated by his receipt of the Sir Stephen Tallents Medal from the Institute of Public Relations for 'exceptional achievement in, and contribution to, public relations practice'.


I particularly enjoyed this book, as it provides a practical, as well as academic, insight into the public relations industry and what it takes to succeed within it. With an ever-evolving media this book provides a very useful guide for those embarking on a career in the world of public relations. A world that has provided me with a fulfilling, challenging and exciting adventure for the past 40 years. Max Clifford, Managing Director, Max Clifford Associates Public Relations.
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