Heritage and Tourism in the Global Village

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A nation's heritage is one of the most potent forces for generating tourism: the Tower of London is the greatest "visitor attraction" in Britian, but it seems insignificant in comparison to the numbers of tourists visiting Disney World, Epcot and other entertainment complexes in the United States, which will be dwarfed when Euro-Disneyland opens just east of Paris.
"Heritage and Tourism in "The Global Village"" explores how heritage attractions should respond, examining whether they should find their own audiences and resources. Written by a leading heritage specialist, this book is essential reading for all those concerned with both heritage and leisure management. International in scope, it examines successful examples of heritage management for tourism, as well as some management failures. This text aims to lay some useful ground rules which should underpin all heritage developments designed to attract tourism on a major scale.


'It is enjoyable ... It should be compulsory for all local authority councillors who demand potential tourist attractions, as well as all tourist and publicity officers...' ? Museums Journal
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