A Second Course in Mathematical Analysis

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Oktober 2002



A classic calculus text reissued in the Cambridge Mathematical Library. Clear and logical, with many examples.


1. Sets and functions; 2. Metric spaces; 3. Continuous functions on metric spaces; 4. Limits in the spaces R and Z; 5. Uniform convergence; 6. Integration; 7. Functions from Rm to Rn; 8. Integrals in Rn; 9. Fourier series; 10. Complex function theory; 11. Complex integrals, Caucy's theorem; 12. Expansions, singularities, residues; 13. General theorems, analytic functions; 14. Applications to special functions.


'Books of this quality are rare enough to be hailed enthusiastically... it is so fresh in conception and so lucid in style that it will appeal to anyone who has a genuine interest in mathematics.' The Times Literary Supplement 'It is a pleasure to be able to welcome a book on analysis written by an author who has a sense of style.' Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society 'This is an excellent book ... If I were teaching a course for honours students of the type described, this book would rank high as a possible choice of text.' Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
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