Observing Variable Stars, Novae and Supernovae

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Oktober 2004



This complete guide and resource package for all amateur astronomers from novice to advanced comes with a CD-ROM packed with resources including light-curves and hundreds of star finder charts. The text also offers advice on telescopes and the use of CCD photometry.


1. Foundations, federations and finder-charts; 2. Variables in vision; 3. Astrovariables reckoned; 4. Photometry; 5. Stars great and small; 6. Variable beginnings; 7. Clockwork pulsators; 8. Less regular single-star variables; 9. Eclipsing binary stars and novae; 10. Cataclysmic and symbiotic systems; 11. The extra-galactic realm; Appendices.


Gerlad North is a freelance astronomer and writer based in Norfolk, UK.


'If you are interested in this fascinating and practical branch of amateur astronomy, Observing Variable Stars, Novae, and Supernovae is the best place to start.' Astronomy & Space 'Once again, his clear concise style has shown through and this is another book I can recommend.' The Journal of the British Astronomical Association 'This book, including the accompanying CD-ROM, fills a gap between those devoted to variable-star observing for absolute beginners and the numerous publications written at quite an advanced level, which often are considered too complex for many amateur astronomers. ... the book is a valuable addition to this vital field for amateur astronomers and is strongly recommended.' The Observatory '... much more than an observing guide ... It is a complete description of the underlying physical reactions that cause these objects to vary in brightness. ... The author enjoys the topic and conveys this interest to the reader.' Science, Books and Films Online '... this is the best book on variable stars since J. S. Glasby's Variable Stars, 1969 and M. Petit's Variable Stars, 1987. ... I found myself learning a tremendous amount from this book. ... North ... explains so many complicated topics [with] easy to use illustrations and easy to understand text. ... I commend Gerald North on what I consider an outstanding book on variable stars. ... I strongly encourage variable star observers everywhere to get their hands on a copy of this book and read it.' Eyepiece Views 'North's book is a good starting place for an aspiring variable star observer.' American Association of Variable Star Observers Bookstore
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