Silence on the Wire

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April 2005



Eye-Opening Narrative Sheds New Light on the Threats and Risks of Everyday Computing

Author Michal Zalewski has long been known and respected in the hacking and security communities for his intelligence, curiosity, and creativity. In Silence on the Wire: A Field Guide to Passive Reconnaissance and Indirect Attacks, Zalewski shares his expertise and experience to explain how computers and networks work, how information is processed and delivered, and what security threats lurk in the shadows. No humdrum technical white paper or how-to manual for protecting one¿s network, this book is truly unlike anything else out there. It¿s a fascinating narrative that explores a variety of unique, uncommon, and often quite elegant security challenges that defy classification and eschew the traditional attacker-victim model.

Rather than approaching computer security as a separate discipline, Silence on the Wire delves into the nuts and bolts of modern-day computing so that readers will ponder network design and their own computing activities from a new perspective. Where other books merely chronicle security exploits, Zalewski provides explanations.

This book will be riveting reading for securtiy professionals and students, as well as technophiles interested in learning about how computer securtiy fits into the big picture and high-level hackers seeking to broaden their understanding of their craft.


I can hear you typing Extra efforts never go unnoticed The heads of the Hydra Working for the common good Blinkenlights Echoes of the past Secure in switched networks Us versus them Foreign accent Advanced sheep-counting strategies Stack data leaks Smoke & mirrors The benefits of being a victim Parasitic computing Topology of the network Watching the void Closing words


Michal Zalewski ist ein international anerkannter Experte für Informationssicherheit und Verfasser zahlreicher wegbereitender Forschungsarbeiten im Bereich der IT-Security. Er hat Hunderte bedeutende Sicherheitslücken entdeckt, und sein Name taucht regelmäßig auf den Listen der einflussreichsten Sicherheitsexperten auf. Er veröffentlichte zahlreiche wichtige Forschungsarbeiten.

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Untertitel: A Field Guide to Passive Reconnaissance and Indirect Attacks. 1. , Aufl. Security professionals and students, Technophiles interested in the narrative of the journey of information, High level hackers. Sprachen: Englisch Englisch.
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