Time for a Model Change: Re-Engineering the Global Automotive Industry

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November 2004



Examines the automotive industry, making recommendations for change and improved industry performance.


1. From automania to maturity: in the main markets at least; 2. The problems that can be fixed: dealing with noxious emissions, traffic accidents and congestion; 3. The global resource challenges: energy and space; 4. A global industry: the changing international order; 5. The supplier industry: the catalyst for the profound changes to come; 6. The downstream sales and service sector: the coming revolution; 7. When the numbers don't add up: an industry that doesn't earn its keep; 8. Choosing a future for the automotive industry; 9. Time for a model change.


Graeme P. Maxton is Programme Director, Economist Conferences, Contributing Editor, Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and a Director of autoPOLIS Strategy Consultants. He contributes regularly to a variety of Economist Newspaper Group publications and is author of the EIU's World Car Forecasts, The Emerging Markets of Asia-Pacific and Asia-Pacific: after the Crisis. He is also co-author (with John Wormald) of the best-selling Driving Over a Cliff? Business Lessons from the World's Car Industry, 1994. John Wormald is a Director of autoPOLIS Strategy Consultants and works throughout the automotive industry. He regularly contributes to the business and automotive press and is the co-author (with Graeme P. Maxton) of the best-selling Driving Over a Cliff? Business Lessons from the World's Car Industry, 1994.


'... a stimulating and thought-provoking read, especially for an industry insider.' John McCormack, Vice-President European Aftermarket, Federal-Mogul 'A timely and important book. The authors have produced both a powerful diagnosis and an imaginative blueprint for reform. The industry and everyone who depends on it would do well to take notice.' Sir Geoffrey Owen, Senior Fellow at the Institute of Management at the London School of Economics, , former editor of the Financial Times 'Wormald and Maxton provide an iconoclastic analysis of the industry that is provocative, timely, and well-researched. The warnings they give to the leaders of this industry and the politicians seeking to regulate it need to be taken seriously.' Lee Branstetter, Associate Professor of Business, Columbia Business School, New York 'The authors have set out to persuade the industry that it needs to change its structure and stop making so many models. They raise important questions for motor executives and offer a mass of evidence in support of their case.' Financial Times
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