Cities in the International Marketplace: The Political Economy of Urban Development in North America and Western Europe

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August 2004



"Savitch and Kantor have produced a daring comparison of disparate cities ranging from Naples to Houston, with Paris and New York in the mix as well. Thorough research and close analysis are combined to forceful effect."--Paul E. Peterson, Henry Lee Shattuck Professor of Government, Harvard University"This is a big, interesting, and provocative book. Ambitious in sweep and confident in tone, it moves us toward a more thorough understanding of the role of human agency in city fortunes in a world increasingly shaped by huge forces that had seemed to many at first glance simply to trump political will. The authors write about each city with a sure hand, and even if you are not familiar with a particular place, you come away with a real feel for it."--Peter Eisinger, Wayne State University"This long-awaited book offers a truly comparative analysis of urban development. It does so in a clear, concise, and systematic fashion. The authors approach regime theory from a novel vantage point and add significantly to the theory. Overall, this book significantly advances our knowledge about the relationship between globalization, economic restructuring, and urban policy choice."--Jon Pierre, University of Goteborg


List of Photographs ix List of Figures xi List of Tables xiii Preface xv Acknowledgments xix Chapter One: The Great Transformation and Local Choices 1 Chapter Two: Toward a Theory of Urban Development 29 Chapter Three: Ten Cities, Thirty Years 55 Chapter Four: Social- and Market-centered Strategies 101 Chapter Five: Driving and Steering Urban Strategy 149 Chapter Six: Dirigiste and Entrepreneurial Bargaining 171 Chapter Seven: Dependent Bargaining: Public and Private 223 Chapter Eight: Are Cities Converging? 267 Chapter Nine: Strategies for the International Marketplace 313 Chapter Ten: Conclusions: Cities Need Not Be Leaves in the Wind 346 Appendix: Sources and Notes for Figures and Tables 361 Source Notes 373 Glossary 391 Bibliography 395 Index 425


H. V. Savitch is the Brown and Williamson Distinguished Research Professor of Urban and Public Affairs at the University of Louisville. He has published nine books, including "Post-Industrial Cities: Politics and Planning in New York, Paris, and London" (Princeton). Paul Kantor is Professor of Political Science at Fordham University. His many books include "The Dependent City Revisited" and "The Politics of Urban America".


Winner of the 2003 Best Book in Urban Politics Award "This is a major study about western cities in the context of global capitalism and the large demographic shifts of the last thirty years. Through a mix of detailed empirical study and big conceptual questions the authors give us the instruments to capture and detect the ongoing weight of local politics in an exploding international marketplace that has made cities themselves an object for investment."--Saskia Sassen, editor of Global Networks, Linked Cities "An important comparative study of urban development process and politics... Savitch and Kantor's systematic study offers an array of explanations that are woven together to demonstrate several important concepts about planning policy and urban development."--Robyne S. Turner, Journal of the American Planning Association
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