Gilbert and George

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The world's most controversial 'living sculptures' speak their minds in public.


Introduction by Francois Jonquet; 1. 'We are Interested in the Child within us'; 2. 'We Met in London Last Year'; 3. 'The Black Shadow'; 4. The Fracture; 5. The Fundamental Pictures (1996); 6. 'Holy Shit'; 7. Order, Eccentricity and Madness; 8. 'Thanks to Computers, we can Paint Sitting Down'; 9. 12 Fournier Street; 10. Sex, Money, Religion, Race: London; 11. Art for All; A Permanent Combat; 12. Rebellious Conservatives; 13. No Man is Prophet in his own Country; Appendix: The 'Proust' and other Questionnaires 1978, 1990, 2001; Chronology; Bibliography; Index




Gilbert (born in the Dolomites, Italy, 1943) and George (born in Devon, 1942) met as art students at Central St. Martin's College of Art and Design in London, in 1967. Sacrificing their own identities to art, they made themselves into 'living sculptures', and have pursued a joint career of consistent iconoclasm. Seemingly oblivious to the controversies they have generated, they enjoy both popular acclaim and critical hostility with equal aplomb. Francois Jonquet is a Paris-based journalist, author and art and film critic.


'A compelling insight into [Gilbert & George's] everyday enigma. The artists' unfailing politeness, consideration for others and open nature exert an irresistible charm. But it's Jonquet's walks with G & G around their home patch of Spitalfields that shed new light on the work, lavishly illustrated with accompanying personal photos.' (Metro London) 'Many monographs have appeared on this enigmatic and self-contained duo, but non as revealing as this beautifully illustrated series of conversations with a young French critic who, in the course of a friendship that has lasted over ten years, has succeeded in extracting intimate details bout their lives that make the two men more human while paradoxically enhancing their strangeness. ... probably the most enjoyable, readable and intentionally amusing [book] you are ever likely to encounter on avant-garde artists of today.' (Michael Jacobs, Art Quarterly (magazine of the National Art Collections Fund))
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