Minerals: Their Constitution and Origin

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Mai 2004



An advanced undergraduate/graduate textbook covering all aspects of mineralogy in an up-to-date and integrated style.


Part I. Structural Features of Minerals: 1. Subject and history of mineralogy; 2. Elements, bonding, simple structures and ionic radii; 3. The lattice concept and description of crystal structures; 4. Macroscopic symmetries: crystal morphology; 5. Crystal growth and aggregation; 6. Isomorphism, polymorphism and crystalline defects; Part II. Physical Investigation of Minerals: 7. Experimental approaches to crystal structures: X-ray diffraction; 8. Physical properties; 9. Optical properties of crystals; 10. Mineral identification with the petrographic microscope; 11. Color; 12. Additional analytical methods; 13. Mechanical properties and deformation; Part III. Variety of Minerals and Mineral-forming Processes: 14. Classification and names of minerals; 15. Mineral identification of hand specimens; 16. Mineral genesis; 17. Stability of minerals and phase diagrams; 18. Solid solutions; Part IV. A Systematic Look at Mineral Groups: 19. Some very common minerals: quartz and feldspars. Crystallization of granite and pegmatite; 20. Simple compounds and new minerals. Unusual occurrences; 21. Halides. Evaporite deposits; 22. Carbonates and other minerals with triangular anion groups. Sedimentary origins; 23. Phosphates, sulfates and related minerals. Apatite as a biogenic mineral; 24. Sulfides. Hydrothermal processes; 25. Oxides and hydroxides. Review of ionic crystals; 26. Orthosilicates and ring silicates. Metamorphic mineral assemblages; 27. Sheet silicates. Weathering of silicate rocks; 28. Chain silicates. Discussion of some igneous and metamorphic processes; 29. Framework silicates. Zeolites and ion exchange properties of minerals; Part V. Applied Mineralogy: 30. Metalliferous mineral deposits; 31. Gemstones; 32. Cement minerals; 33. Minerals and human health; 34. Mineral composition of the solar system; 35. Mineral composition of the Earth; Appendix A. Determinative tables for hand specimen identification; Appendix B. Determinative tables for optical mineralogy; Glossary; Index.


Hans-Rudolf Wenk is Professor of Geology at the University of California at Berkeley. Andrei Bulakh is a Professor in the Department of Mineralogy at St Petersburg State University.


'I think this book represents a sound undergraduate investment - a text book that an undergraduate could visit and revisit throughout their degree programme, to remind them of the basics and, by following up the references, to provide a deeper understanding of the subjects covered.' Chemistry World '... the book provides a good coverage of minerals, with clear diagrams and photographs to supplement the text. ... there is much of value in this book. ... the text is clear; and deeper treatments can be skipped, while still gaining knowledge of the wider range of mineralogy.' OUGS Newsletter 'Wenk and Bulakh's Minerals is both authoritative and accessible, providing a thorough grounding in many aspects of modern mineralogy in a first-rate text.' New Scientist '... this is a refreshing new mineral textbook and is a wonderful resource to freshen up an undergraduate course. Every lecturer who teaches mineralogy and every Earth Sciences library should get a copy. ... Very highly recommended.' Geological Magazine
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