Art Therapy for Groups

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This book presents a collection of practical exercises, games, structures and techniques for use by therapists, teachers and other groupwork leaders working in schools, hospitals and day centres. They include games suitable for a wide range of clients, such as those intended to enhance self-perception and those appropriate for particular groups, such as people with memory or attention problems. Many of the games and exercises go beyond the traditional realm of art therapy' and link up with other creative therapies and forms of groupwork.


Part 1: Art Therapy Groups. Art Therapy and Groupwork. Running a Group. Recording, Evaluation and Evidence-based Practice. Learning from Problems in Groups. An Example in Detail: The 'Friday Group'. Examples of Groups. Starting Points for Specific Client Groups. Part 2: Themes and Exercises. Introduction, Classification of Themes and Exercises. Checklist of Themes and Exercises. Warm-up Activities. Media Exploration. Concentration, Dexterity and Memory. General Themes. Self-perceptions. Family Relationships. Working in Pairs. Group Paintings. Group Interactive Exercises. Guided Imagery, Visualisations, Dreams and Meditations. Links with Other Arts. Media Cross-reference. Media Notes. Resources.


"From first edition "An excellent, stimulating account by an experienced art therapist of how and with what result this approach may be used in groups." - British Journal of Psychiatry"
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