Dyslexia and Mathematics

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For those educating children with dyslexia, special techniques are just as essential for the teaching of mathematics as they are for reading and spelling. In this revised and fully updated edition of "Dyslexia and Mathematics," the six expert contributors draw on their extensive experience of teaching children of all ages with dyslexia. Readers will find a wealth of material formed out of individual case studies, all of which is supported by practical and accessible teaching strategies. New chapters on dyscalculia, extra information concerning standardized tests, and summaries of the latest findings on cognitive learning styles will make this second edition the essential companion for teachers and students alike.


1. Theoretical background 2. Individual diagnosis and cognitive style 3. Linking language to action 4. Reading and writing in mathematics 5. Difficulties at the secondary stage 6. The use of structured materials with older pupils 7. The use of patterns 8. Steering a way through number facts 9. Children's arithmetical difficulties 10. An overview.


'This book, a collection of contributions from six practitioners in the field of teaching dyslexic children of all ages, makes excellent reading for anyone involved in the teaching of mathematics.' - Mathematics in School
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