Storage Networking Fundamentals

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A comprehensive introduction to storage networking technologies.
  • Learn fundamental storage concepts with this definitive guide from Cisco Press
  • Understand storage devices and subsystems, redundancy methods, management applications, and filing methods, including storage for database installations
  • View Storage Area Network (SAN) technologies from an independent industry expert's perspective
Storage Networking Fundamentals: An Introduction to Storage Devices, Subsystems, Applications, Management, and File Systems describes the fundamental storage technologies used in networked storage. Readers can use it as a reference, learning the storage technologies and methods, as well as a comprehensive, linear introduction to storage technologies. Storage networking has become an important solution for Cisco Systems and should place this title in high demand with users of Cisco network equipment. The book is separated into five parts, starting with an overview of the entire storage network landscape and moving through parts on storage devices and subsystems, redundancy methods, management applications, and filing methods. Unlike networking technology, where there is already a great deal of literature available, many professionals still need to understand the basic building blocks of storage networking. This book fills that void by providing vendor-neutral, independent analysis and terminology. Marc Farley is the President of Building Storage, Inc., a company that provides consulting and educational services to the network storage and financial services industries. He is the author of Building Storage Networks (McGraw-Hill) and is an on-line expert for the SearchStorage, the network storage web portal site. Marc resides in San Jose, CA.


Part I TheBig Picture of Storage NetworkingChapter 1 Data Access in the Internet EraChapter 2 Establishing a Context for Understanding Storage NetworksChapter 3 Getting Down with Storage I/OPart II Working with Devices and Subsystems in Storage NetworksChapter 4 Storage DevicesChapter 5 Storage SubsystemsChapter 6 SCSI Storage Fundamentals and SAN AdaptersChapter 7 Device Interconnect Technologies for Storage NetworksPart III Applications for Data RedundancyChapter 8 An Introduction to Data Redundancy and MirroringChapter 9 Bigger, Faster, More Reliable Storage with RAIDChapter 10 Redundancy Over Distance with Remote CopyChapter 11 Connection Redundancy in Storage Networks and Dynamic MultipathingPart IV TheFoundations of Storage and Data ManagementChapter 12 Storage Virtualization: The Power in Volume Management Software and SAN Virtualization SystemsChapter 13 Network Backup: The Foundation of Storage ManagementPart V Filing Systems and Data Management in NetworksChapter 14 File System FundamentalsChapter 15 Network File Systems and Network Attached StorageChapter 16 New Directions in Network Filing: Clustered File Systems, Distributed File Systems, and Network Storage for DatabasesChapter 17 Data ManagementPart VI AppendixesAppendix A Q & A AnswersAppendix B INCITS Storage StandardsGlossaryIndex


Marc Farley has more than 13 years of experience in the field of network storage. He started working with the technology in 1991 as a systems engineer with Palindrome Corporation, an early innovator in data management technologies for PC LAN environments. Since 1991, Marc has worked in a variety of marketing and strategy-related positions, covering a wide variety of storage technologies, including storage routers, disk subsystems, file-level virtualization, and storage switches. Marc is well-known throughout the networked storage industry for his objective, vendor-independent, in-depth analysis of storage technologies. His writing includes Building Storage Networks, first and second editions. He has also written many articles, white papers, and opinion pieces that have been published in the computer industry trade press. He regularly speaks at industry conferences and events and participates in online seminars and discussions. Marc holds a bachelor of science in physics from the University of Washington.
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