An Introduction to Medical Dance/Movement Therapy

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Februar 2005



Presenting dance/movement therapy (DMT) as a viable and valuable psychosocial support service for those with a medical illness, Goodill shows how working creatively with the mind/body connection can encourage the healing process. This book represents the first attempt to compile the work that has been done over recent years in medical DMT.


Introduction. PART
I.1. A. Purpose and Scope of the Book. B. Foundational Concepts for Medical Dance/Movement Therapy.
C. The Context of Medical Dance/Movement Therapy. 2. Psychological Concepts for Medical Dance/Movement Therapy. 3. The Science Behind Medical Dance/Movement Therapy. PART
II. Applications of Medical Dance/Movement Therapy. 4.A. Dance/Movement Therapy in General Medical Care. B. Child and Adolescent Patients. 5. Dance/Movement Therapy in Cancer Care. A. Dance/Movement Therapy and General Psychooncology. 6. Related Applications. A. Families and Caregivers. B. Death, Dying and Bereavement. PART
III. Research and Education. 7. Research Issues in Medical Dance/Movement Therapy. A. Assessment in Medical DMT. B. Methodological Considerations. 8. Patient-Provider Communication: Implications for Dance/Movement Therapy. 9. Professional Preparation for Medical Dance/Movement Therapy. A. Academic Preparation. B. Personal Preparation.
C. Experiential Training Exercises. References.
Appendix A. Biographies of Dance/Movement Therapy Interviewees.
Appendix B. Additional Resources for the Medical Dance/Movement Therapist.
Appendix C. Script for Eliciting the Relaxation Response. Index.


Sharon W. Goodill is currently Associate Professor and Director at the Hahnemann Creative Arts in Therapy program at Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA. A seasoned educator and avid researcher, she has taught dance/movement, art and music therapy graduate students for 15 years. She has been awarded one of the first national research grants into complementary and alternative medicine to study DMT for adults with cystic fibrosis. Her current clinical focus is on cancer patients and their families.
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