Digital Electronics Demystified

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The perfect resource for anyone learning digital logic and electronics, written by renowned digital "guru" Myke Predko in the audience-tested Demystified formatIncludes CMOS logic, Programmable Logic Devices and microprocessor/ microcontroller interfacingReaders can start experimenting with the technologies discussed in the book for less than £10.00.10 multiple choice questions per chapter and three longer exams so readers can test their knowledge and map their progress throughout


PREFACEACKNOWLEDGMENTPart One: Introduction to Digital Electronics
Chapter 1: The Underpinnings of Digital Electronics
Chapter 2: Effectively Optimizing Combinatorial Circuits
Chapter 3: Creating Digital Electronic Circuits
Chapter 4: Number Systems
Chapter 5: Binary Arithmetic Using Digital Electronics
Chapter 6: Practical Combinatorial Circuit Implementation
Chapter 7: Feedback and Sequential CircuitsTest for Part OnePart Two: Digital Electronics Applications
Chapter 8: Oscillators
Chapter 9: Complex Sequential Circuits
Chapter 10: Circuit Interfaces
Chapter 11: Reading Datasheets
Chapter 12: Computer Processors and Support
Chapter 13: PC Interfacing BasicsTest for Part TwoFinal ExamAPPENDIX: ANSWERS TO QUIZ, TESTS, AND FINAL EXAMINDEX


Myke Predko is an advisory engineer working on Intel server products test for Celestica in Toronto, Canada. He has worked as a test engineer, product engineer, manufacturing manager and new products introduction engineer as well as having been awarded four patents in the fields of processor design and product test. Mr. Predko is author of nine technical books including Programming and Customizing the PICmicro(R) Microcontroller, 2/e and PICmicro(R) Microcontroller Pocket Reference, two comprehensive guides to the device covered by this book along with Programming and Customizing the 8081 Microcontroller; The Handbook of Microcontrollers; PC Ph.D.; and PC Interfacing Pocket Reference. His interests include robotics and he was one of the designers for the TAB Electronics Build Your Own Robot Kit. Mr. Predko currently lives in Toronto with his wife, daughter and two Siberian huskies.
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