The Selfish Crocodile

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Januar 2005



The modern classic, now abridged for younger readers and in board book format. The crocodile won't let anyone near his river. But when he wakes up in terrible pain, a mouse finds away to solve all their problems. Readership level: 0-5yrs.


Faustin Charles is an acclaimed poet and storyteller for children who is in huge demand for his performances. His poetry books for children, published by Bloomsbury, are Once Upon an Animal and Teacher Alligator. Faustin lives in London. Michael Terry is perhaps best known for his wonderful cover illustrations for Dick King-Smith, including The Hodgeheg and The Sheep-Pig (the basis for the successful film Babe). The Selfish Crocodile was his first picture book. Since then he has gone on to illustrate several best-selling animal picture books for Bloomsbury, including Little Hotchpotch, Rhino's Horns, The Sulky Vulture, and The Gossipy Parrot. Michael lives in Hythe, Kent.
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