Prestigious Discoveries at CERN

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September 2004



The discoveries of neutral currents and of the W and Z bosons marked a watershed in the history of CERN. They established the validity of the electroweak theory and convinced the physicists of the importance of renormalizable non-Abelian gauge theories of the fundamental interactions. The articles collected in this book have been written by distinguished physicists who contributed in a crucial way to these developments. The book is a historical account of those discoveries and of the construction and the testing of the standard model. It also reports on the future of particle physics and provides an updated status report on the LHC and its detectors being currently built at CERN. The book addresses readers interested in particle physics including the educated public.


L. Maiani, Welcome.
S. Weinberg, The Making of the Standard Model.
G. Brianti, CERN's Contribution to Accelerators and Beams.
D. Haidt, The Discovery of Neutral Currents.
P. Darriulat, The Discovery of the W & Z, a Personal Recollection.
P. Zerwas, W & Z Physics at LEP.
J. Ellis, Physics at the LHC.
L. Evans, Challenges of the LHC: the Accelerator Challenge.
J. Engelen, Challenges of the LHC: the Detector Challenge.
P. Messina, Challenges of the LHC: the Computing Challenge.
G. Charpak, Particle Detectors and Society.
L. Maiani, The Future for CERN.
Panel Discussion on the Future of Particle Physics (Chair: C. Rubbia).
Statements from the Floor.
Additional Contributions.


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