WCDMA Design Handbook

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Developed out of a successful professional engineering course, this practical handbook provides a comprehensive explanation of the Wideband CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) air interface of 3rd generation UMTS cellular systems. The book addresses all aspects of the design of the WCDMA radio interface from the lower layers to the upper layers of the protocol architecture. The book considers each of the layers in turn, to build a complete understanding of the design and operation of the WCDMA radio interface including the physical layer, RF and baseband processing, MAC, RLC, PDCP/BMP, Non-Access stratum and RRC. An ideal course book and reference for professional engineers, undergraduate and graduate students.


1. Introduction; 2. WCDMA in a nutshell; 3. Spreading codes and modulation; 4. Physical layer; 5. RF aspects; 6. Symbol rate processing functions. 7. Chip rate processing functions. 8. Layer 2 - MAC; 9. Layer 2 - RLC; 10. PDCP and BMC protocols; 11. Non access stratum; 12. Idle mode functions; 13. Layer 3 - RRC; 14. Measurements; Index.


Dr Andrew Richardson has many years of experience in digital communication systems, having worked for Philips, Nokia and Simoco on both 2nd and 3rd generation mobile 'phone systems. Since 1999 he has run his own consultancy, Imagicom Ltd, offering design and training services in telecommunication systems technology.


Review of the hardback: '... as with many UMTS-related books, this text focuses on the operation of the air interface. However, the subject is addressed with the appropriate level of detail in order to be an excellent companion, particularly to those working in component and system design. It presents and organized and clear examination of the topic, certainly more approachable than the related specifications ... through sharing his experience in this area, the author presents a valuable and comprehensive treatment of the subject.' IEE Communications Engineer Review of the hardback: 'This is a good handbook with precise technical information, although some basics of WCDMA are also gathered in the first part.' IEEE Radio Communications
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