London and the Restoration, 1659-1683

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Dezember 2004



London and the Restoration integrates the history of the kingdom with that of its premier locality in the era of Dryden and Locke, analysing the ideas and the movements that unsettled the Restoration regime.


List of figures; Map; List of tables; Preface; List of abbreviations; Part I. Crisis, 1659-1660; Introduction to parts one and two: London and the nation; 1. London and the origins of the Restoration, 1659-1660; Part II. Settlement and unsettlement, 1660-1679; 2. The Restoration settlement and an unsettled city, 1660-1670; 3. Protestant dissent and the emergence of a civic opposition, 1670-1679; Part III. Crisis, 1679-1682; Introduction: London and the Restoration crisis, 1679-1682; 4. Parliament and Protestantism in crisis: the emergence of parties in London, 1679-1681; 5. The contest for the city, 1681-1682; 6. Party matters: communities, ideas, and leaders in a divided city, 1679-1682; Part IV. Crisis and conspiracy, 1682-1683; Introduction: Whig conspiracy and historical memory; 7. The London Whigs between law and resistance: conscience, consent, and conspiracy, 1682-1683; Conclusion: London and the end of the Restoration; Appendices; Bibliography; Index.


Gary De Krey is Professor of British History at St Olaf College, Minnesota. His previous publications include A Fractured Society: The Politics of Society in the First Age of Party (1990).


"Good things are worth waiting for...Gary De Krey's new study certainly proves that old adage...De Krey writes lucidly, deftly combining narrative with analysis to produce both clarity of exposition and depth of interpretive insight." -H-Albion "Much of the work consists of a rich and lively narrative of civic politics and its interaction with national poitics throughout the period. Its account of the events of the winter of 1659-60, focused on the actions of London's civic leaders, provides a welcome new perspective which helps to suggest how the actions of General Monck, so often regarded as the skillfully enigmatic architect of the Restoration of Charles II, are perhaps more accurately to be seen as an uncertain response to the changing balance of power in the capital." -Paul Seawadr, History of Parliament, London, The Catholic Historical Review "De Krey's book is a timely reminder of the insights to be gained from placing the capital under the microscope: it emphasizes the impact of the metropolis on the wider polity, and it allows sharper definition of the issues that led to conflict...Historians of the Restoration...will be profoundly grateful for the careful presentation of topographical and prosopographical data on the first Whigs and Tories and over two hundred early dissenting leaders." -George Southcombe, University of Oxford, Journal of Modern History "This book provides the essential details necessary to a clear understanding of precisely how much a dynamic functioned, and it does so with extraordinary focus, precision, and lucidity of organization and style...it offers a number of new insights into the larger political currents that marked the history of the period. De Krey's groundbreaking work marks an important step forward for Restoration historiography, and it will no doubt take its place among the leading scholarly investigations of this fascinating phase in England's political development." --Renaissance Quarterly
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