Defending Europe: The Eu, NATO, and the Quest for European Autonomy

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Defending Europe seeks to clarify the competing ambitions, the contrasting visions and the trans-Atlantic tensions related to the recent quest by Europe for autonomy in the sphere of security and defense. Scholars from both sides of the Atlantic explore the development of ESDI within NATO, the revival of the WEU and the launch of the EU's Common European Security and Defense Policy. Among the issues discussed are the Euro-American capabilities gap, concerns regarding decoupling, discrimination, and duplication, and the complications posed by NATO/EU enlargement. Two contrary conclusions debate whether ESDP is more likely to strengthen or undermine the Atlantic Alliance. This informative foray into the trans-Atlantic security and defense issues is a crucial addition to the ongoing dialogue concerning this shifting and evolving relationship.


Introduction NATO, the EU and the Quest for European Autonomy; J.Howorth & J.T.S.Keeler PART
I: NATO AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF ESDI/ESDP Developing a NATO-EU Politico-Military Agreement; A.Moens The CJTF Framework and the Limits of European Autonomy; T.Terriff The Effects of Kosovo and the Danger of Decoupling; F.Bozo PART
II: THE EURO-AMERICAN CAPABILITIES GAP The US-European Capabilities Gap and the EU's Defense Dimension; D.Yost NATO, ESDP and Constructive Duplication; K.Schake PART
III: NATO ENLARGEMENT AND THE DISCRIMINATION ISSUE Non-EU NATO Members and the Issue of Discrimination; S.Tofte NATO Enlargement and European Defense Autonomy; M.Webber Dilemmas of NATO Enlargement; J.Lindley-French TWO CONTRARY CONCLUSIONS Why ESDP is Misguided and Dangerous for the Alliance; A.Menon Why ESDP is Necessary and Beneficial for Alliance; J.Howorth


FREDERIC BOZO Professor of History, University of Nantes and Senior Research Associate, Institut Francais des Relations Internationales, Paris, France
JULIAN LINDLEY-FRENCH Research Fellow, Western European Union Institute for Security Studies, Paris, France
ANAND MENON Professor of Politics and Director of the European Research Institute, University of Birmingham, UK
ALEXANDER MOENS Associate Professor of Political Science, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada
KORI SCHAKE Senior Research Professor, Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University, Washington D.C, USA and Member, National Security Council staff
TERRY TERRIFF Senior Lecturer in the Department of Political Studies at the University of Birmingham, UK
SUUNIVA TOFTE Doctoral Student in European Studies, University of Bath, UK
MARK WEBBER Senior Lecturer, Department of European Studies, University of Loughborough, UK
DAVID YOST Professor of Security Studies, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, USA


'The volume succeeds in highlighting the competing ambitions, the contrasting visions and the transatlantic tensions related to the quest by Europe for autonomy in the sphere of security and defence...The verdict on the European security and defence policy as well as that on the future of NATO is still ongoing. The book does justice to this ongoing debate. - International Affairs ' [Defending Europe] examines the European Union's current attempts to establish a defence system within the overall security architecture of the Atlantic world...The essays in Defending Europe, provide an expert and dispassionate treatment of the complex issues involved.' - The Economist
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