The Roots of War and Terror

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In The Roots of War and Terror, Anthony Stevens provides profound insights into the nature and origins of armed conflict. Combining the Jungian concepts of the archetype and the collective unconscious with crucial evidence from the behavioral and biological sciences, Stevens exposes war as an ancient propensity rooted in human psychology--particularly in the psychology and anatomy of the human male. Stevens explains what attracts men to the profession of arms and describes the techniques used to activate the warrior archetype in the masculine psyche. The author sheds light on how leaders persuade populations to go to war and lays bare the unconscious fantasies that could draw us all to final Armageddon. The Roots of War and Terror is an indispensable work for anyone wishing to understand the psychological basis of war or hoping to discover ways in which the unimaginable catastrophe of nuclear war could be avoided.


1. War and Peace; 2. Warlike and Peaceful Behaviour; 3. Basic War; 4. Making Warriors; 5. Making Love; 6. Making War; 7. Making Peace; 8. Transcending War


Dr Anthony Stevens is a psychiatrist and analyst. He lectures in the UK, USA and the C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich. His celebrated books are 'On Jung' (Hamish Hamilton), 'On Dreams' (Penguin) and 'Archetype: A Natural History of the Self' (Routledge).


A summary of the book is included in an article on war and terrorism. San Francisco Chronicle, 5/9/04--Wiliam S. Kowinski "San Francisco Chronicle "
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