Asset Pricing

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"This is a sparkling, intuitive, makes-it-look-easier-than-it really-is, gem of a book . . . Cochrane's focus is the classical asset pricing models of frictionless markets and rational expectations. But the lessons learned are relevant in many empirical contexts. Corhrane's clever intuition and easy, informal writing style make the book a joy to read."--Wayne Ferson, Boston College


John H. Cochrane is Theodore O. Yntema Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. He is Director of the National Bureau of Economic Research Asset Pricing Program.


Co-Winner of the 2001 Paul A. Samuelson award "This is a brilliant and useful book, well-deserving of the TIAA-CREF Samuelson Award... The clever intuition and informal writing style make it a joy to read. Like a star athlete does with the sport, Cochrane makes it look easier than it really is."--Journal of Economic Literature
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