Self, Social Structure, and Beliefs: Explorations in Sociology

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September 2004



"For nearly fifty years, Neil Smelser has been one of the world's most distinguished sociologists. His intellectual range is remarkable, and so too his influence over the discipline. The essays collected here are a fitting tribute precisely because they are intellectually rich, diverse, thought-provoking and unafraid of controversy. They offer commanding views of a dozen subfields, syntheses of important lines of work, and agendas for the future."--Craig Calhoun, President, Social Science Research Council"If the legacy of scholars is measured by the work of their students, Neil Smelser has done very well indeed. The great range of topics covered in this volume is a testament to his sociological breath. This collection should be read for what it reveals about the many dimensions of an intellectual life well lived, as well as for what it teaches about the past and the present of our discipline."--Michele Lamont, co- author of" Rethinking Comparative Cultural Sociology: Repertoires of Evaluation in France and the United States"A brilliant collection of essays giving expression to the diversity and depth of Neil Smelser's scholarly and intellectual achievement. The authors show how Smelser's multidisciplinary synthesis represents a summary of the achievements of economics, psychology and sociology in the second half of the twentieth century."--Bryan S. Turner, author of "The Body and Society


1. Mastering Ambivalence: Neil Smelser as a Sociologist of Synthesis Jeffrey C. Alexander, Gary T. Marx, and Christine L. Williams PART I: SELF Introduction: Christine L. Williams 2. The Sociological Eye and the Psychoanalytic Ear: Nancy J. Chodorow 3. The Commodity Frontier: Arlie Russell Hochschild 4. The Glass Cage: Flexible Work, Fragmented Consumption, Fragile Selves Yiannis Gabriel PART II: SOCIAL STRUCTURE Introduction: Gary T. Marx 5. Rational Choice and Sociology: Alberto Martinelli 6. Enlisting Smelser's Theory of Ambivalence to Maintain Progress in Sociology of Religion's New Paradigm: R. Stephen Warner 7. Circuits of Commerce: Viviana A. Zelizer 8. Trust as an Aspect of Social Structure: Robert Wuthnow 9. The Organizational Foundations of University Capability: Differentiation and Competition in the Academic Sector of Society Burton R. Clark PART III: BELIEFS Introduction: Jeffrey C. Alexander 10. Primordial Beliefs and Immigration Policy: The Case of Britain's Patrials Christian Joppke 11. Causal Reasoning, Historical Logic, and Sociological Explanation: Lyn Spillman 12. Intellectual Cycles of Social Movement Research: From Psychoanalysis to Culture? James M. Jasper 13. Shaping Sociological Imagination: The Importance of Theory Piotr Sztompka List of Contributors Index


Jeffrey C. Alexander is Professor and Chair of Sociology at Yale University and the author most recently of The Meanings of Social Life: A Cultural Sociology. Gary T. Marx is Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is the author of Undercover: Police Surveillance in America, among other works. Christine L. Williams is Professor of Sociology at the University of Texas, Austin, and author of Gender Differences at Work and Still a Man's World.


"The essays collected here are a fitting tribute precisely because they are intellectual, rich, diverse, thought-provoking, and unafraid of controversy." - Craig Calhoun, President, Social Science Research Council; "If the legacy of scholars is measured by the work of their students, Neil Smelser has done very well indeed." - Michele Lamont, coeditor of Rethinking Comparative Cultural Sociology"
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