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Juni 2005



Introductory textbook introducing the concept of competition of entropy and energy with various examples.Thermodynamics textbook explaining the roles of entropy and energy as prime movers of nature.


Origin of entropy in the work of Clausius.- Entropy in the work of Carathéodory. Absolute temperature.- Entropy in the work of Boltzmann.- Enthalpy and equations of state.- Gases and Rubber.- Statistical thermodynamics.- Entropy and energy in competition.- Planetary atmospheres.- Entropy of mixing. Osmosis.- Phase transition.- Phase diagrams.- Chemical reactions.- Shape memory alloys.- The third law of thermodynamics. Capitulation of entropy.- The zeroth law of thermodynamics - kinetic and thermodynamic temperatures.- Gibbs paradox and degenerate gases.- Thermodynamics of irreversible processes (TIP).- Radiation thermodynamics.- Dissipative entropy source of the earth.- Socio-thermodynamics - integration and segregation in a population.- History of thermodynamics.- Appendix. Equation of balance.- References and annotations.



From the reviews:
"This is a wonderful book. In 263 pages, Müller and Weiss provide a superb, all-round, profusely illustrated review of thermodynamics, from its origins and conceptual foundations to its contemporary statistical physics aspects, and to some of its more recent applications in such areas as meteorology and mathematical sociology. ... Given the accessibility of the material I'd certainly recommend it to advanced undergraduate students from a wide range of sciences." (Dean Rickles, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2007 j)
"The authors of the present book understand energy and entropy - or loosely termed 'cause and chance' - as two parameters being in a universal competition. ... The book may be read by newcomers in thermodynamics ... ." (Claudia-Veronika Meister, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1116 (18), 2007)
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