Impact Tectonics

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This volume is the 8th in a series of impact books resulting from the activities of the scientific program "Response of the Earth System to Impact Processes" (IMPACT), by the European Science Foundation. The book resulted from an international meeting at Mora, Sweden, which was held as part of the IMPACT program. The papers cover various structural geologic, geochemical, and geophysical topics on research of asteroid impact structures on Earth and Mars.


Impact Tectonics - General Aspects.- "Pseudotachylites" in Large Impact Structures.- The Mechanics of Pseudotachylite Formation in Impact Events.- Silicified Cone-in-Cone Structures from Erfoud (Morocco): A Comparison with Impact-Generated Shatter Cones.- Redistribution of Lithologies in Impact-induced Dikes of Impact Structures.- The Preliminary Analysis of Polygonal Impact Craters within Greater Hellas Region, Mars.- Structural and Tectonic Aspects of Impact Craters.- BP and Oasis Impact Structures, Libya: Remote Sensing and Field Studies.- Late Modification-Stage Tectonic Deformation of the Popigai Impact Structure, Russia.- Settings of Meteorite Impact Structures in the Svecofennian Crustal Domain.- Geophysical Investigations of the Siljan Impact Structure - A Short Review.- Mjølnir Crater as a Result of Oblique Impact: Asymmetry Evidence Constrains Impact Direction and Angle.- The Duobblon Structure - A Small Segment of a Large Precambrian Impact Structure?.- Åvike Bay - a 10 km Diameter Possible Impact Structure at the Bothnian Sea Coast of Central Sweden..- The Structure and Age of the Kaali Main Crater, Island of Saaremaa, Estonia.- The Lockne Crater: Revision and Reassessment of Structure and Impact Stratigraphy.- A Study of Impact Fracturing and Electric Resistivity Related to the Lockne Impact Structure, Sweden.- Impact Studies by Numerical and Experimental Methods.- Hydrocode Simulation of the Lockne Marine Target Impact Event.- Numerical Simulation of Shock Propagation in Heterogeneous Solids.- The Kentland Impact Crater, Indiana (USA): An Apatite Fission-Track Age Determination Attempt.- The Combined Petrographic and Chemical Analysis of end-Permian Kerogens.- Economic Aspects of Impact Structures.- Economic Mineral Deposits in Impact Structures: A Review.



From the reviews of the first edition:
"This book presents a wide-ranging view of some of the latest research into impacts and some useful reviews. ... The book is richly illustrated throughout with pertinent photographs, maps, diagrams and graphs. ... All of the articles are clearly written, contain good overviews of the related research literature and extensive and useful bibliographies. They will be of great value to research workers and graduate students. ... It should attract a wide readership from among impact researchers worldwide ... ." (Chris Hayward, Geological Magazine, Vol. 143, 2006)
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