The Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry in China

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Juni 2005



A detailed examination of China's increasingly important chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Numerous case studies describe how western companies, such as BASF, Bayer, Bicoll, Ciba, Degussa, DSM and Novartis are managing their market entry in China.


The Chemical Industry in China.
The Global Chemical Industry.
The Petrochemical Industry in China.
Activities of European Chemical Companies in China.
Research and Development in China.
Chemical Industry Parks in China.
Trends in the Chinese Fine Chemicals Market - Opportunities and Threats for the European Fine Chemicals Industry.
Chemicals for China's Chip Industry.
The Pharmaceutical Industry in China.
China's Pharmaceutical Market: Business Environment and Market Dynamics.
Developing the Pharmaceutical Business in China - The Case of Novartis.
China's Approach to Innovative Pharmaceutical R&D: A Review.
Foreign Direct Investment by Multinational Corporations in China - The Pharmaceutical Sector.
Competing in the Chinese Antibiotics Market - Cephalosporins 1982-2000.
The Experience of Successful European Companies in China.
Swimming Ahead of the Shoal - The History of BASF in Greater China.
Establishing a Competitive Production Network in Asia.
Bayer - A Multinational Committed to China.
Bicoll - The First Sino-German Biotechnology Company.
Ciba Specialty Chemicals in China - Global Direction and Local Expertise.
Degussa: Transforming the China Region.
A Toolbox for China - Lessons from the China Experience of Degussa Construction Chemicals.
DSM in China: In Touch with Evolving Needs in the Specialty Chemicals Market.
Vitamins - Opportunities and Challenges for Both Western and Chinese Producers.



From the reviews:
"China, with its potential market of 1.3 billion consumers, has resurrected the western world's stagnant economic outlook. ... This is an interesting book on the global chemical industry and the business practices of multinational companies." (Helmut Hügel, Chemistry in Australia, December, 2005)
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