Tutorials in Mathematical Biosciences 1

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This volume introduces some basic theories on computational neuroscience. Chapter 1 is a brief introduction to neurons, tailored to the subsequent chapters. Chapter 2 is a self-contained introduction to dynamical systems and bifurcation theory, oriented towards neuronal dynamics. The theory is illustrated with a model of Parkinson's disease. Chapter 3 reviews the theory of coupled neural oscillators observed throughout the nervous systems at all levels; it describes how oscillations arise, what pattern they take, and how they depend on excitory or inhibitory synaptic connections. Chapter 4 specializes to one particular neuronal system, namely, the auditory system. It includes a self-contained introduction, from the anatomy and physiology of the inner ear to the neuronal network that connects the hair cells to the cortex, and describes various models of subsystems.


Preface.- A. Friedman: Introduction to Neurons.- D. Terman: An Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Neuronal Dynamics.- B. Ermentrout: Neural Oscillators.- A. Borisyuk: Physiology and Mathematical Modeling of the Auditory System.



From the reviews:
"Each paper ends with a valuable bibliography. The volume introduces some basic theories on computational neuroscience. I recommend this volume as a very good book in mathematical neurosciences." (Ioan A. Rus, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1062 (13), 2005)
"The present volume, a collection of four articles, introduces some basic theories of mathematical and computational neuroscience. ... I found the book to be a very good tutorial in mathematical neuroscience, well written and organized. ... The core is a compilation of mathematical results from a rich bibliography ... . In conclusion, I strongly recommend this volume to any graduate student, postdoctoral fellow or researcher moving to the field of theoretical neuroscience." (Rodica Curtu, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2007 d)
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