A Window on the Future of Geodesy

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These proceedings represent the worldwide picture of the state of the art of geodesy. The volume comprehensively covers the most recent results and supplies a good review of the new ideas developing in the field, opening a window to the future of geodesy.


Positioning.- ITRF Combination - Status and Recommendations for the Future.- Time Evolution of the Terrestrial Reference Frame.- Scale variation of GPS time series.- Vertical repeatability of GPS measurements in the Tsukuba GPS/MET dense-network campaigns.- Horizontal Crustal Motion Estimates for the UK inferred from GPS: Preliminary Results.- Results of the SIRGAS Campaign 2000 and Coordinates Variations with Respect to the 1995 South American Geocentric Reference Frame.- Implementation of a Semi-Dynamic Datum for New Zealand.- GPS measurements to investigate the reason why GPS is less accurate in mountain areas.- Towards More Reliable Estimation of GPS Positioning Accuracy.- Realistic Uncertainty Measures for GPS Observations.- Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol (NTRIP).- Numerical Weather Predictions for GPS Positioning.- A Multi-Base-Station Approach for Long Range Differential GNSS Positioning of Airborne Sensors.- Point Real-Time Kinematic Positioning.- The Integration of GPS and Pseudolites for Bridge Monitoring.- Hybrid Sensor System for Bridge Deformation Monitoring: Interfacing with Structural Engineers.- A Fuzzy System for the Assessment of Landslide Monitoring Data.- OASYS - Integrated Optimization of Landslide Alert Systems.- Combined Evaluation of Geodetic and Geotechnical Data during Tunnel Excavation by Use of a Knowledge-Based System.- Advanced Space Technology.- Quasi real-time positioning of spacecrafts using the Internet VLBI system.- Rapid Turnaround EOP Measurements by VLBI over the Internet.- Determination of tropospheric parameters within the new IVS Pilot Project.- Vlbionos - Probing the Ionosphere by Means of Very Long Baseline Interferometry.- Numerical Simulations for Geodetic Parameter Estimation from Space VLBI Data.- Relativistic VLBI Delay Model for Finite Distance Radio Source.- Synergy of VLBI and GPS observations in Japan.- Ground-based verification of four-way Doppler measurement for the SELENE mission.- Results of the Critical Design of RSAT/VRAD Mission Instruments on SELENE Sub-satellites Rstar/Vstar for Selenodesy.- Application of a PZT telescope to In situ Lunar Orientation Measurement (ILOM).- Combined Processing of GPS Data from Ground Station and LEO Receivers in a Global Solution.- Efficient Stochastic Orbit Modeling Techniques using Least Squares Estimators.- Kinematic Precise Orbit Determination for Gravity Field Determination.- Gravity Field Recovery and Validation by Analysis of Short Arcs of a Satellite-to-Satellite Tracking Experiment as CHAMP and GRACE.- Combination of Sea-Level Observations and an Oceanographic Model for Geodetic Applications in the Baltic Sea.- Analysis of GPS Campaign Observations of the Asia Pacific Regional Geodetic Project (APRGP) -Establishment of a Velocity Field-.- The proposed International DORIS Service.- Calibration/validation of GOCE data by terrestrial torsion balance observations.- Determination of the Gravity Field.- Repeated Measurements of Gravity with the Absolute Gravimeter FG5 #210 at Matsushiro, Japan and Comparison with the Superconducting Gravimeter T011.- Application of Gravimetry by Helicopter to Identify Marine Active Faults and Improve Accuracy of Geoid at Coastal Zones.- A Gravity Database of Southwest Japan: Application to Bouguer Gravity Imaging in Kyushu District, Southwest Japan.- Gravity-Based Fault Mapping: The Ishikari Lowland, Hokkaido, Japan.- Compilation and Evaluation of a Consistent Marine Gravity Data Set Surrounding Europe.- Comparison of Downward Continuation Methods of Airborne Gravimetry Data.- Optimisation of Density Parameter in Gravity Prediction from Bathymetry.- Calibration and Validation of GOCE Gravity Gradients.- Impact of space-borne gravity gradiometer instrument filter on observation error and gravity field recovery performance for GOCE.- Testing frame-transformation, gridding and filtering of GOCE gradiometer data by Least-Squares Collocation using simulated data.- Processing of Champ ACC and RSO Data in the Earth Gravity Field Determination.- One year of time-variable CHAMP-only gravity field models using kinematic orbits.- Topographic-Isostatic Reductions in Satellite Gravity Gradiometry Based on a Generalized Condensation Model.- Long-wavelength Discrepancies Between the Australian Gravity Field and EIGEN-2 CHAMP Data.- Comparison of new Geoid Models and EIGEN-2S in the North Atlantic Region.- Computation of a geopotential model from GOCE data using fast spherical collocation - A simulation study.- Improved Determination of Sea Surface Heights Close to the Australian Coast from ERS-2 Satellite Radar Altimetry.- A numerical study of solving the altimetry-gravimetry boundary value problem in coastal regions.- Improved High Resolution Altimetric Gravity Field Mapping (KMS2002 Global Marine Gravity Field).- On the Determination of Marine Geoid Models by Least-Squares Collocation and Spectral Methods Using Heterogeneous Data.- Progress towards implementation and development of a New Zealand national vertical datum.- Prediction of Vertical Gravity Gradients Using Gravity and Elevation Data.- Construction of a Synthetic Earth Gravity Model by Forward Gravity Modelling.- First Results Towards An Isostatically Compensated Reference Earth Model.- Towards the Estimation of a Multi-Resolution Representation of the Gravity Field Based on Spherical Wavelets.- Stokes Integration versus Wavelet Techniques for Regional Geoid Modelling.- A Preliminary Geoid Model for Africa.- Optimal Marine Geoid Determination in the Atlantic Coastal Region of Argentina.- Comparison of Newton's Integral in the Space and Frequency Domains.- Wavelet evaluation of some singular geodetic integrals.- Gravimetric Geoid Determination in the Andes.- On the Numerical Solution of Parameters of the Least Squares Modification of Stokes' Formula.- A Numerical Comparison of Different Ellipsoidal Corrections to Stokes' Formula.- General Theory and Methodology.- On Total Least-Squares Adjustment with Constraints.- GNSS Best Integer Equivariant Estimation.- Performance comparison of the BIE estimator with the float and fixed GNSS ambiguity estimators.- Parametric versus non-parametric methods for optimal weighted averaging of noisy data sets.- Estimation of Variance Components Through a Combined Adjustment of GPS, Geoid and Levelling Data.- A minimum energy condition for the inverse gravimetric problem.- Successive Approximations in the Solution of a Weakly Formulated Geodetic Boundary-Value Problem.- Computation of geopotential coefficients from gravity anomalies on the ellipsoid.- Advanced Harmonic Development of the Earth Tide Generating Potential.- Global Isotropic Isostatic Response Function in Terms of Zonal Spherical Harmonics.- Paraná Basin: One isostatic modeling using a Geographic Information System to delineate the main basement structures.- Patching local empirical covariance functions - A problem in altimeter data processing.- Asymptotic Dislocation Theory of a Spherical Earth for Calculating Co-seismic Displacement.- The Use of Energy Balance Relations for Validation of Gravity Field Models and Orbit Determination Results.- Biharmonic Spline Wavelets versus Generalized Multi-quadrics for Continuous Surface Representations.- An Energy Approach for Intelligent Structural Health Monitoring Using Wavelet Analysis.- On Discrete Schemes in Downward Continuation of Gravity.- Application of Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients and Isomorphic Frame Transformations to Invert Earth's Changing Geometrical Shape for Continental Hydrological Loading and Sea Level's Passive Response.- Role of algebra in modern day Geodesy.- Geodynamics.- Mixed-mode GPS deformation monitoring - A cost-effective and accurate alternative?.- Two examples of optimal design of geodynamic GPS networks.- Deformation of the South American Crust Estimated from Finite Element and Collocation Methods.- Present-day Movement and Tectonic Strain Rate Field of Active Crustal Blocks in China Continent.- Crustal deformations at permanent GPS sites in Denmark.- Monitoring Land Subsidence of Jakarta (Indonesia) Using Leveling, GPS Survey and InSAR Techniques.- Microgravity survey in the southern tip of the Atera fault, Central Japan.- Geothermal Reservoir Monitoring with Absolute Gravimetry.- Towards a rigorous combination of VLBI and GPS using the CONT02 campaign.- Fuzzy Inference Systems for the Prediction of Earth Rotation Parameters.- Insight into Earth System Science: Variations in the Earth's Rotation and its Gravity Field.- Oceanic excitation of polar motion from intraseasonal to decadal periods.- Excitations of Polar Motion from an Ensemble of Global Atmospheric Models.- Sensitivity Analysis of the Non-Linear Liouville Equation.- Filters to estimate water storage variations from GRACE.


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