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Ten years on from Trainspotting Sick Boy is back in Edinburgh after a long spell in London. Having failed spectacularly as a hustler, pimp, husband, father and businessman, Sick Boy taps into an opportunity which to him represents one last throw of the dice. However, to realise his dream of directing and producing a pornographic movie, Sick Boy must team up with old pal and fellow exile Mark Renton. In the world of Porno , though, nothing is straightforward, as Sick Boy and Renton find out that they have unresolved issues to address concerning the increasingly unhinged Frank Begbie, the troubled, drug-addled Spud, but, most of all, with each other.


Irvine Welsh, geboren 1958 in Edinburgh, lebt vornehmlich in Dublin, verbringt aber auch viel Zeit in Miami Beach und ist seiner Heimatstadt nach wie vor sehr verbunden. Sein erster Roman "Trainspotting" wurde für den Booker Prize nominiert und von Danny Boyle verfilmt.


"Funny, appalling, frightening" Mail on Sunday "A brilliant satirical study of the ugly dynamic which draws together predators and prey" Sunday Telegraph 20021017 "Not for the fainthearted... Highly entertaining" Sunday Times 20021017 "Funny and eloquently obscene" Daily Telegraph 20021017 "A worthy sequel... A touching love song to the possibilities and limits of friendship. Charming, funny and sly, Porno is a good poke at all kinds of pretence and moral tidiness" Evening Standard
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