Development of Independent Reading

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Listening to children read, both at home and at school, has long been regarded as a vital element in the teaching of reading. However, it is a practice which is rarely examined in any detail. This book shows why it is not enough just to 'Hear Readers' and demonstrates how adult interventions should change as children's reading develops through five distinct but overlapping stages.

This book explains the central importance of cues - those providers of the information which a reader uses to solve a problem word - and redefines 'the basics' by identifying the three permanent components of reading - 'Reading The Lines', 'Between The Lines' and 'Beyond the Lines'. The authors outline practical classroom activities to help children develop competence in balancing cues, highlighting the integration of meaning and phonics.

This accessible book will be an invaluable resource for all adults involved in teaching reading. It provides a rationale for good practice and offers practical and adaptable materials which can be used to support initial training, Inset, workshops for classroom helpers, and parent-meetings.


Rationale: the basics
Chiming In
Cue Talk
Assisted Reading
* The nature of assisted reading
* The three reading levels
* Ingredients of an Assisted Reading session
* Ten supportive actions for a problem word
* Phonic knowledge within reading
Branching Out
The team approach - teachers, parents and helpers
Related Reading


Pete Guppy has worked with children, teachers, helpers and parents in Warwickshire, in LEA Reading Advisory and Support work, for twenty-five years. His most recent work has been in Specific Learning Difficulties Support, and he has also developed and run Adult Literacy Courses.
Margaret Hughes has taught in primary and secondary, special schools and mainstream, rural and inner city schools, as an English and S.E.N. teacher. She worked for twelve years in LEA reading and support work in Warwickshire. She has collaborated in the development of computer programs Think Sheet, and Speaking Starspell (Fisher-Marriott).
Both authors have worked together to prepare and present INSET, over twelve years.


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