Einstein's Monsters

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Juni 1999



An ex-circus strongman and Notting Hill rough-justice artist, meets his own personal holocaust and 'Einsteinian' destiny. There is maximum boredom and minimum love-making advised, while a new strain of schizophrenia overwhelms the young son of a 'father of the nuclear age'. This book offers a collection of stories that reveal a deep preoccupation.


Martin Amis is the author of twelve previous novels, the memoir Experience, two collections of stories and six collections of non-fiction, most recently The Second Plane. He lives in New York.


"A phenomenal writer. He has style as quick and efficient as a flick-knife, and a gift for the grotesque that makes other people's nightmares look like Victorian watercolours" Sunday Times "Amis is first-rate; arguing inventing, demonstrating, parodying, being funny and shocking in the same breath" Observer "Amis's introduction to these five stories is a beautifully judged piece of polemic; a carefully reasoned emotionally charged attack on the unthinkable folly of nuclear war - an elegant, funny, moving book" Daily Telegraph
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