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Educational leaders - whether in schools, colleges or higher education - are challenged with steering unprecedented change; educational management has never been more demanding. Within the context of a new 'learning age' and the Teacher Training Agency's National Standards, this book explores many of the key issues facing those both aspiring to and already involved in leadership and management, whether at middle or senior levels.While focusing particularly on schools and colleges, this book evaluates issues increasingly central to leadership in a variety of professional educational settings, for example, school improvement, innovation, teamwork, organizational culture, professional development, motivation and the nature of leadership. In identifying key concepts, it scrutinizes possible management strategies within a changing policy context that is increasingly focused around standards, accountability and reputation.The book utilizes research evidence to illuminate the practices, challenges and problems facing educationists and endeavours to overcome the perceived gap between practice and research to create an integrated approach to leadership and management development: one which both supports and stimulates managers' professional development aspirations.


List of abbreviationsPart one: Leading and managing
The context for educational leadership
Developing leadership and management effectiveness
Managing ourselves and leading others
Motivating and managing others
Leading effective teams
Part two: Changing and learning
Effective communication
Organizational cultures
Managing change and creating opportunities
Educational improvement, inspection and effectiveness
Managing in learning organizations
Part three: Tasks and responsibilities
Managing staff and promoting quality
Managing resources and finance
Managing stakeholder relationships and partnerships
Leading and managing for professional developmentPostscript


Sue Law is Professor of Education and Head of the Department of Secondary and Tertiary Education at Nottingham Trent University. After teaching in schools and colleges for 20 years, she became Director of Continuing Professional Development at Keele University, where she established innovative distance-learning MBA and MA educational management programmes. She now balances the leadership responsibilities of a large University department with researching and publishing on teachers' professional development, education management and educational policymaking.Derek Glover is a Visiting Professor of Education at Nottingham Trent University. After 18 years' experience as the head of a large community school in Oxfordshire, he completed his PhD with the Open University and has now gone on to his 'second career' - teaching, researching and publishing extensively, particularly in the fields of school organization, financial management and the management of school reputation. He and Sue Law have previously co-written Managing Professional Development in Education.


"This nifty book is aimed at school leaders and provides guidance through difficult times...particularly helpful in the area of school education and curriculum leadership." - International School of Cape Town's Newsletter International School of Cape Town's Newsletter 20031030
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