Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

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'An intensity, a democratic misery, a ferocious humour... no one can remain indifferent to its power, its resilience of ideas and its range of language' Sunday Times When middle-aged Martha and her husband George are joined by the younger Nick and Honey for late-night drinks after a party, the stage is set for a night of drunken recriminations and revelations. Battle-lines are drawn as Martha and George drag their guests into their own private hell of a marriage. 'Deliciously toxic, acidly funny' Washington Post


Edward Albee was born on 12th March 1928. He was adopted by Reed and Frances Albee at the age of eighteen days. Reed Albee was the heir to a vaudeville empire. In 1949 he moved to Greenwich Village and became involved in the artistic scene there. He has received three Pulitzer prizes for drama and in 2005 received a special Tony Lifetime Achievement Award.


"An intensity, a demoniac misery, a ferocious humour...no one can remain indifferent to its power, its resilience of ideas and its range of language" Sunday Times "Deliciously toxic, acidly funny" Washington Post "There is a great sense of danger in Edward's work, and you never quite know what's going to happen next... I think what is one of the most pronounced ingredients in his work is mischief" -- Harold Pinter "Scorching and exhilarating" New York Post "The verbal sparring and violence of Albee's early masterpiece remain astonishing, even frightening, yet bitterly, horribly funny...a classic play" The Times
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