Fruit and Nutcase

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Mandy Small has trouble writing so Cat, her teacher, suggests that she tells her life story into a tape recorder. So begins Mandy's funny, and sometimes sad, story of life with her loving but irresponsible parents--Dad, the Elvis look-alike, and Mom, whose idea of a special meal is burnt toast. Then there is school, where the horrible Tracey Bigg picks on Mandy and her timid friend Oliver--not to mention Old Misery Guts, the landlady, and Nan, who thinks that Mandy's parents aren't fit to look after her. With so many things to worry about, Mandy begins to think that she is in danger of turning into a real "fruit and nutcase."


Jean Ure went to the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art and her love of ballet and theatre have inspired many of her books, not least the acclaimed A Proper Little Nooryeff. The Puppy Present, written for younger children, was shortlisted for the Children's Book Award. Jean was born in Surrey where she still lives, in a three-hundred-year-old house, with her husband and family of rescued dogs and cats. She is a vegan and is committed to animals rights.


Fruit and Nutcase "...this is an upbeat yet gritty story about the tenacity of love and the fact that life is never perfect." Scotland on Sunday Becky Bananas "...the writing transcends any trace of heaviness" Guardian
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