The Baffled Parent's Guide to Coaching 6-And-Under Soccer

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August 2005



The only book to provide straightforward advice, tips, and techniques to the thousands of new parent/volunteer coaches who each year are charged with introducing the sport of soccer to preschoolers and kindergartners in school, club, and parks-and-recreation programs across the country.Of the dozens of books aimed at youth soccer coaches-including our own Coaching Youth Soccer: A Baffled Parent's Guide, which is the market leader-not one is written specifically for those who need help most. This will be the first book for newly annointed coaches of 4 to 6-year-old players, who require a very different coaching approach. Parents, having discovered that soccer suits itself well to 4 and 5 year-olds, are increasingly enrolling their children in soccer programs as preschoolers, yet every book on coaching youth soccer is aimed at kids six years old and older. These older kids, with a year or two of school under their belts, are ready for the competition-themed drills and light-punishment-oriented discipline the books espouse, but the younger players are not. When coaching defense, if you kick the ball away from a 4- or 5-year-old player who is dribbling the ball, that player may very well collapse to the ground in tears. And the losing team in a ball-handling relay race may be inconsolable. These tots simply aren't ready for the competitive aspects of game play that captivate older children and adults alike. Rather, they just want to have fun.


IntroductionAbout This Book1. Coaching Young Players Is DifferentSteep Learning CurveYour Critical RoleKeeping Fun ForemostThe Sport of Choice2. Fun-Focused Practices and GamesControlled TouchingSimplicity ItselfToo Easy?CompetitionCreativity and Positive ReinforcementCoed or Not Coed?3. The Game of Soccer for Young PlayersSoccer for Young PlayersAcademy CoachingSquad AssignmentsContinuing to Limit Player NumbersA 6-and-Under Soccer PrimerOther RulesFighting for Your Players4. Off the FieldManaging Parents' ExpectationsDelegating Parental DutiesRecruiting a Parent HelperThe End-of-Season CelebrationTrophies5. On the FieldYour Players' Equipment NeedsYour Equipment for PracticesYour Equipment for GamesChoosing a Team Name6. Behavioral Challenges of Young PlayersDiscipline7. Game DayGone in an InstantLittle LearningWinning and LosingGame-Day ResponsibilitiesRefereeingWho Won?8. Basic Ball-Control Skills and the Red Light/Green Light DrillWhy Red Light/Green Light?Mastering Several Basic Skills through One DrillDrill 1: Red Light/Green LightBasic Ball-Control SkillsSkill 1: Dribbling with the Inside of the Foot and Stopping the Ball by Stepping on ItSkill 2: Dribbling with SpeedSkill 3: Changing Direction with the Inside of the Foot, or "Cutting" the BallSkill 4: The Pull TurnSkill 5: Receiving the BallSkill 6: Juggling the Ball9. Eleven More Drills and Four More SkillsDrill 2: Bulldozers and BuildersDrill 3: Follow the LeaderDrill 4: SwitchDrill 5: Alligator PitDrill 6: Trash DaySkill 7: Kicking with the Instep, or ShootingDrill 7: Elmer FuddDrill 8: Star WarsSkill 8: Passing with the Inside of the FootDrill 9: Crab SoccerDrill 10: Sharks and MinnowsDrill 11: Steal the BaconSkill 9: Receiving the Ball on the GroundDrill 12: Freeze TagSkill 10: Shielding the Ball10. Your First Six PracticesHighly StructuredBefore PracticeDuring PracticeAfter Practice4- and 5-Year-Old Practice SessionsFirst Six Practices for 4- and 5-Year-OldsSpecifics for 5- and 6-Year-Old Practice SessionsFirst Six Practices for 5- and 6-Year-OldsAfter Your First Six PracticesParent/Player ScrimmagesThe End of the SeasonAppendixSkills Troubleshooting ChartResourcesIndexAcknowledgmentsAbout the Authors


David Williams is a lifelong soccer player and coach who honed his skills as a club player in Europe. A father of young children, he heads the 4- and 5-year-old division of the summer soccer camps sponsored by Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. He has also written and produced a thirty-page guide to coaching 4- and 5-year-olds for the Durango parks and recreation department.
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