The Little Friend

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Paperback edition of Tartt's huge selling second novel, follow up to the worldwide bestseller, "The Secret History". 12 year old Harriet's family is still suffering from the mysterious death of her brother 12 years earlier, and so she sets out with her only friend to find his murderer and punish him. "Destined to become a special kind of classic" "New York Times"


Donna Tartt, geboren 1963 in Greenwood/Mississippi. Ab 1981 Beginn des Studiums an der Universität von Mississippi, dann Wechsel auf das Bennington College in Vermont, dort 1986 Abschluss. Bereits während des Studiums Beginn mit Veröffentlichungen. Die Autorin lebt in Charlottesville/Virginia und Manhattan.


'In a literary age of diet and dearth, Tartt invites us to feast ... the opening tragedy strikes a note of rich, flamboyant Southern Gothic that resonates throughout' Independent 'You will rarely have read better ... Because of Tartt's mastery of suspense, this book will grip readers all the way through to its bitter end' Guardian 'Tartt's grip on this billowing plot is glue-like and her ability to evoke the Deep South of last century exceptional ... excellent, enthralling' Marie Claire, Book of the Month 'Destined to become a special kind of classic - a book that precocious young readers pluck from their parents' shelves and devour with surreptitious eagerness, thrilled to discover a writer who seems at once to read their minds and to offer up the sweet-and-sour fruits of exotic, forbidden knowledge' New York Times Book Review
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